About us



Roca Llisa is the epitome of luxury for second residences as well as for holiday-making on the white island. Especially Europeans and in particular Dutch, Belgian, French, Italian, Russian,English, German and Spanish, treasure its proximity.

Thanks to the security, tranquillity, and beauty of the urbanisation as well as its good connection by air and sea, many owners have gone from residing here occasionally to regularly enjoying their properties by living here for increasingly longer periods.


Management and Administration

The full-time executive team is made up of the managing director and administrative staff. At the request of the President, the Governing Council of Roca Llisa and the Presidents of the Communities, the executive team is in charge of managing the financial, legal and technical matters necessary for the maintenance and economic management of the different properties. The office is located at the entrance of the urbanisation and offers a quality service to all owners and functions as Property Administration. 


Maintenance Department

Made up of a perfectly organised team of qualified operators, the maintenance department is in charge of the functioning and maintenance of the estates services, all gardening, cleaning, rubbish collection, roads and pavements, as well as the maintenance of water tanks, pipes and impulse stations. It is under the supervision of the Directorate and has machinery for repairs, cleaning and gardening as well as different transport elements. 

Executive Board

The urbanisation is governed by a Executive Board, formed by the President, Vice President, Secretary, a municipal representative and up to 7 committee members. All members of the council must be property owners on Roca Llisa, except the municipal representative, who is elected every two years by the General Assembly of Owners, the latter being the Supreme deliberative body of the Community.

On behalf of the owners, the Executive Board, with dedication and commitment, is in charge of executing the agreements of the General Assembly, as well as supervising the management of the different matters of interest of the urbanisation; works, safety, environment, regulation, communication, etc. The main function of the President is the relationship with Public Institutions.

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