Hippy Markets

Ibiza’s hippy markets are a main attraction and are definitely worth a visit for any summer visitor. Ibiza’s artistic roots date back to the early 1960s when artisans, painters and designers settled on the island to experience its unique atmosphere, incredible light and freedom of expression.

Roca Llisa Mercadillos

Las Dalias 

San Carlos. The most famous hippy market and a favourite among tourists and residents of the island. This colourful venue is ideal for shopping, people watching, eating healthy and listening to live music. Among its many stalls, you will find a whole world of artisan items such as clothes made from beautiful fabrics with strikingly original designs, all kinds of handmade jewellery, assorted leather pieces, and even homemade liquors.

Roca Llisa Hippy Market Punta Arabi

Punta Arabí

Es Caná. Founded in 1973, this market is the oldest and largest on the island. You will find countless stalls scattered under the pine trees along winding paths. There are items from all over the world, most of them handmade.

There are also several bars and restaurants and an area for children.

Roca Llisa. Mercadillo artesano San Juan

San Juan

Located in the sleepy village of San Juan this market has become popular for mainly showcasing locally produced products. You will find local food produce, drinks, handicrafts and good quality accessories, many of them hippy style. There is also an area dedicated to artists, where they display and sell their works such as paintings, sculptures etc.

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